Sophie Mason drew the background images of the whale and the people walking over the dragon, which are drawings of two songs I wrote for the Cakes and Ale album 'Beggar's Velvet'.

Norwich photographer Ben Mathers is a pal who has been snapping pics of me at gigs in Norwich over the years.

Mark Sewell and Geoffrey Head are both Bristol-based photographers who took several of the photos on this site.

Dan Weltman, my co-conspirator, is the brains behind his band Snails, and also plays fiddle in my band.

Andy Skellam and George Morgan did some singing on the tracks I recorded in Norwich last summer and are fellow members of the Orkney Cavalcade folk collective, formed for last year's trip up North.

Liam Kirby is a fellow bandmate in the Ninetree Stumblers and a luthier, specialising in re-imagining classic pre-war guitars and ukuleles. Check out his handmade creations over at Wunderkammer Instrument Co.